2007 Porsche, Prague, Pagani

The official start of the 2007 tour was in Cologne after the UK participants crossed The Channel to meet our Spanish counterparts. A great night was followed by an extraordinary drive across Germany to Leipzig, the home of Porsche’s Carrera GT. After a factory tour, we spent the afternoon on their race-track testing the “new” 997. The next day we headed south to Prague for a memorable night alongside the River Charles. We then drove south through the Czech countryside and arrived once more into Salzburg and Red Bull’s Hangar-7.

After dinner in their Michelin star restaurant, the following day we headed over the Stelvio Pass and down to the Villa d’Este on Lake Como. An afternoon on the lake was followed the next day by a private factory tour at Ferrari. The event was finished at the Dorchester’s sister hotel in Milan and a delightful meal and evening in the fashion capital of the world.