2005 Club GT Events Launch

When launching Club GT Events, we decided upon two venues:

The first was a supercar visit to Brocket Hall in Hertfordshire, former residence to Charlie Brocket and home to 42 Ferraris at one time. It was fitting that on this day we had a fantastic collection of supercars including a Ferrari Enzo, F50, x3 F40s, as well as a Porsche Carrera GT, GT2 and GT3, a Bentley Continental GT and many other fantastic cars.

We also hosted our inaugural event at The Hospital Club in Covent Garden. As well as welcoming over 300 guests to a fantastic evening of champagne and celebration, we had on display the iconic Ford GT, the UK’s first Lamborghini Murcielago Roadster, a Spyker and the sublime Pagani Zonda.

Gallery From the Launch: